Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gearing Up

Are you done with all of your shopping? Me? Almost. Mr. UPS knocked on my door and delivered a package today...........I actually ordered this stuff over 6 weeks ago, so it isn't like I was running behind! I started my Christmas shopping this summer This is a good thing, but also bad b/c I have a tendency to forget that I've gotten things for people and then remember later!

Right now I have a gift hidden, and I don't remember where I hid it. We do not live in a large house. I put it in a good place, obviously, but have no idea where! Go figure. The saddest part is that I hid it less than 3 weeks ago! I'm just losing my mind. No worries, maybe I'll get it back in the near future. Maybe I won't and I'll just get used to not having mental capabilities.

Don't lose your mind shopping. I do warn you not to go to the grocery store unless you absolutely HAVE to. ZOO!!! And it was during the day!