Sunday, October 10, 2010


.....I have a new project (yes, I know, like I need one!). I am a BeautiControl consultant. I started it about a year ago and did it b/c I wanted the great discount on products. Then I realized that I could do this and the more I went to meetings and talked with my director, I realized that not only could I do this, but I could make a living at it!

So, here I am a year later. I haven't been at it solidly for a year (had some bumps in the road), but I am literally one step away from being a director, which means that I could/can/will be able to replace my teaching salary. Who couldn't want that? Make your own hours, have the potential to earn MORE than you currently do and spend way more time with your family!

Prayers are needed that my successes continue. Don't get me wrong, it isn't easy and I am working hard. I know the hard work will pay off, but prayers from more than just me are always a good thing.

Face Book

I know I've asked this before: Do you FB? If so, how often? I rarely get on and even more seldom do I actually make a post. I did add some pictures a few weeks ago, but that's about it. At the beginning of the new year, when we are forced to go to all those meetings, I FB'ed a lot b/c I was sitting bored in meetings. However, not with the hussle and bussle of the days, it doesn't happen very often. Then I also think, "what am I doing that ANYONE would care about?"

If I'm waiting in line someplace, then I'll grab my phone and check to see what is going on...but once I get home, it just doesn't happen.

I will say that if I could blog from my phone as easily as I can FB, then I'd do that. This is my own little editorial world and FB doesn't quite fit that bill.

Long time.... blog, right? So where have I been? Not anywhere exciting. I am disappointed in myself for not keeping up with this. Why? Because I like to write and share and this small little forum is good for me. I have a few close friends, but no one I talk to on a daily basis, so this is sorta it! We are all so very busy and it is a shame that we can't even get on the phone very often.

I used to travel to work for 30 min. each way. Boy did I get a handful of calls made each day. However, now it takes about 10 min. to get to the sitter and less than 3 to then get to school.....not much time for a phone call!!

I used to update this during my lunch hour. But, my new employer isn't quite the same and I don't want to give them a reason to come looking at my computer activity (even though I do wonder since it would be on my time...). I'm guessing if it was my computer, my wireless internet, then it wouldn't be a big deal.

Anyway, I will do my darndest to keep up with this for both my sanity, and maybe even yours!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What women do.... probably like most wives and moms, I spend more of my energy on my family than on me. Hubby has no issue with buying stuff for the boat/fishing, but I don't think of things for me....with that said, I decided that this summer, I am changing that. Aside from the normal bills that swimming money goes to, I am saving money to get lazer surgery on my eyes (I am SOOO blind without glasses/contacts) and I am getting the lazer hair removal.

I've already started the process and it isn't that bad....not a barrel of fun, but ok for the time it takes. Currently, I'm working on my underarms and lower legs. Bikini will come, but this is an expensive process and I need to save my pennies. Did my underarms first and have had my second treatment. It has gone well, except for the hives I got on my legs. Had to go in the other night b/c of it. Just so you know, hives itch like the dickens and look like crap!!! But, with a little Benedryl cream, I'm all better now. Was told that this could happen each time; I'm one of the random, "lucky" people that this sometimes happens to. Joy, joy!!

With as much time as I spend in the water, this is my treat to myself. I'll eventually do the bikini, and that will be terrific!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Pictures - Because it has been awhile

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Fog

I live in a fog. Part of it is my own fault because I insist on having so much on my plate. Hubby is always telling me to sit and relax....but if I do, when will all of my stuff get done? I'm not a good person who can just sit....unless CSI is on and then I can literally sit for hours...but alas, I digress....some of my fog is because I have a young child. Thankfully, she sleeps through the night and has since she was two months old....but the fog still seeps into my brain.

For example, last week I had to drop off the girls with my inlaws while I went to Smooth Solutions (story to come). Anyway, heading on hwy and then turn the WRONG way. Usually this wouldn't be an issue, but it was during rush hour traffic at a VERY busy intersection.

Another example, load the car (amazing how much stuff I need DAILY to go to school and for the girls!), load the girls, about to get in the car and guess what??? NO SHOES!!!! Back into the garage, unlock the house, disarm the alarm, get shoes and do it all over again! OMG, get it together! :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Make you CRY!!!

I read a lot right now b/c I pump 5-6 times a day and what else do you do while sitting there for 15 minutes? Me? I read and read and read. Which isn't bad b/c I like to read.

Finished a book today and it made me CRY!!! Here I am in my bathroom, crying my eyes out when I should be getting ready for my day!

Nickolas Sparks's The Last Song is a FANTASTIC book. It starts off sorta bumpy (lots of teen angst, which I can do without) but it blossoms into a wonderful novel. If you want a good read and a good cry, definately pull this one off the shelf.