Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What women do....

.....so probably like most wives and moms, I spend more of my energy on my family than on me. Hubby has no issue with buying stuff for the boat/fishing, but I don't think of things for me....with that said, I decided that this summer, I am changing that. Aside from the normal bills that swimming money goes to, I am saving money to get lazer surgery on my eyes (I am SOOO blind without glasses/contacts) and I am getting the lazer hair removal.

I've already started the process and it isn't that bad....not a barrel of fun, but ok for the time it takes. Currently, I'm working on my underarms and lower legs. Bikini will come, but this is an expensive process and I need to save my pennies. Did my underarms first and have had my second treatment. It has gone well, except for the hives I got on my legs. Had to go in the other night b/c of it. Just so you know, hives itch like the dickens and look like crap!!! But, with a little Benedryl cream, I'm all better now. Was told that this could happen each time; I'm one of the random, "lucky" people that this sometimes happens to. Joy, joy!!

With as much time as I spend in the water, this is my treat to myself. I'll eventually do the bikini, and that will be terrific!!!


Louise said...

you could have spared the details on the brazilain wax - hehe

Double Bump Mama said...

I've done the bikini area and it hurts like crazy while your getting it done but the pain is gone before you get dressed...good luck!