Friday, May 30, 2008

Saving Money

We are all about saving money, right? Well this blogger goes above and beyond the call of duty:

Go check it out and see if you can save some money, too!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day

I hope that everyone had a terrific Memorial is officially summer (even though I'm still in school! BUMMER!!!!!!!). We went to the river and spent time as a family with friends.

Pool Status

The pool is coming along.....they put the light in today and there are sandbags and rebar EVERYWHERE!!! They say they will gunite this weekend and deliver 3 palets of rock...yeah, the yard gets to look worse! It looks like someone dropped a bomb back there!! I'm told once it has been gunited, it will really look like a pool!

Swimming Little

Hello all, here is a picture of one of our first swimming lessons. Today she floated, unassisted, for about 20 seconds!! She's a water bug!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sad Day

Fridays are supposed to be outstanding....well, mine started off as poopy as you can get. My cat Chester, aka Fat Kitty, died. I've had him since I was a freshman at Texas A&M; and that was over 16 years ago. I like to think that he lived a very happy life; he surely ate well. He never did take to Little, but she yells very loudly and her version of "nice pets" isn't the softest.....I pray that he is in Kitty Heaven, doing whatever it is that he likes to do all day long. :-)

To brighten your spirits, because it did mine, here is a GREAT video. I think Border Collies are the smartest dogs in the world...downfall: LOTS of hair. Enjoy:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yoga - You should do this!

Ok, so I'm not sure if you know this, but I've been doing Yoga since January and I LOVE it. It is very soothing and challenging, all at the same time. I am only able to go once a week, but that is still one more time that I have ME time and it is worth it. I wanted to share with you that last week, I was able to do these two poses. The far left is called a Cros and the next one is side crow. I'm not going to say it was easy, b/c it isn't. But I will tell you that after doing it, you feel so accomplished!!! I also did a head stand and while I was getting into it, I wondered "Why was this so easy when I was 8 and now this is difficult!!! If you are in the NB area, I suggest that you try a class at Two Rivers Yoga, I don't know of any places in SA, but my instructor recommended a place in Austin, so if you want that place, I can get that to you. Anyway, try it out, it is very beneficial in a multitude of ways!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pool - Day 1 & 2

Ok, so they finally started the pool and we now have a big hole in our backyard! Malc looks at it last night, with a gleam in his eye and starts talking about how he could line it and then put BASS in it! Yeah for him, but NO!!! So, we have a hole in the ground in the shape of a pool and you can even look into it and see one step. How fun!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Interesting Link

Just wanted to post this link that I found:
It is how to make a toddler dress out of a man's dress shirt....when I have time, I think this would be really neat!

Friday, May 16, 2008

This Blogging Stuff.....

Ok, so I'm off and running, don't know to where, but I'm running. I figured out how to add this really cool bookshelf...but I want to be able to add little tidbits (ie: my commentary) on the books...don't know how to do this yet. I figured out how to add the slide show, but don't know how to put MY pictures in it! Ha, ha. So you get to see someone else's pictures!

Two weeks until school ends: YEAH!! Getting more students signed up for swimming: YEAH!!! Don't have an in-town teaching job yet: BOO!! So, keep me in your thoughts and prayers that this will occur soon.

Thanks for being patient with my ever evolving blog.

Ruffles and Rhinestones

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! My husband's cousin has a new business venture and you need to check out her wares! She's having an open house in NB this weekend, so if you are going to be around, be sure to check it out.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who's Blogging Idea Was it to Blog in the Blogging First Place

So, I call my sister to ask her if she blogs. She doesn't, which surprises me b/c she is an Internet search QUEEN. She has friends that do, but not her. Do you think our family will visit and want to see what is happening in my little world? Sure. I do have my doubts, but I figure, I like to discuss, even with myself, many different let's just jump right in to this new venture.

However, I don't know a bloggin' thing about thanks to my friend Rachel,, she has helped me get this started.

Our adventure has started. Stay posted for new and interesting news about our life, my personal commentary on many different things, life in NB, the building of our pool and my newest business venture See ya! lmk