Monday, July 28, 2008

Little and her "Deer" friends

My in-laws raise deer and this is Little with the littles!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Little at Gymnastics

We've been going to gymnastics for the past six weeks and some days are good and some days aren't so good. You wonder if they are learning anything, but we see her hanging on just about anything and she'll do a forward roll for you!!! Here are some snap shots of her....remember this is a "Mommy & Me" class and I'm supposed to be supporting her, literally with my hands on her for most activities, so I had to be quick and take these photos. The blurry one is her on the trampoline!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You can take the girl out of the trailer.....

....but you can't take the trailer out of the girl!! ha, ha.....October will bring our two year anniversary of living in our "new" house! Yeah! It is a work in constant progress. For those of you that have been here, you might not realize that our master bedroom has a bay window. Why? Well, let me give you the evolution of window "treatments":
1.first few nights, some sheets and misc. items from the house that would cover the windows
2. the paper "temporary blinds"
3. Sheets b/c they started building homes behind us and the street lights shined through the paper blinds.

I just finished hanging my new blinds. (I'm such a big girl!) I will be adding curtains, but to make it feel more like my old home, I just bought one vallance and one panel so that I could make sure I liked them. They are currently hanging via push pins and clips. It's a nice look; but I wouldn't recommend it for anything permanently. Trust me, Martha wouldn't call this a "good thing!" I'll keep you posted on how it goes. My goal is the weekend of Little's b-day party...folks will be crawling all over the house and I'd like a more "finished" look to the bedroom!! :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Little Reader

As a reading specialist, this is what you want to see from your child. Now the upside sunglasses are optional!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Popsicles are GOOD!!!!

4th of July

I spent the afternoon and evening in Pflugerville with my best friend Anna and her neighbors.

This was the most multi-cultural event that I have EVER attended. It was so nice to see such a rainbow of ethniticities. There are Black, White, Mexican, Pakistan, Vietnamese and Indian families all there. It was a pot luck dinner, so the food was ethnic, interesting and delicious! My little bug was happy running around, eating almost anything and everything and had a BLAST!! She enjoyed not just one, but two popsicles; another child left his on a table, so not wanting it to go to waste, she ate it, too! She was dirty, filthy and tired!!! Of course, she got up an hour earlier today! YIKES, so much for Mamma getting to sleep in!!!

Diva in the making....Lord help me!!!

As you know, make-up isn't my thing...yes I have it and yes I wear it....but not unless I have to! With all the time I spend in the pool and outside, it just is too big of a hassel. As we were getting ready to head out the other morning, Rileigh decided to get into Mamma's drawer and she literally painted her mouth!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am happy to announce that I will no longer be traveling to the hill country every day. Instead, I will be heading south, but only by about ten minutes! I am now a reading teacher on an elementary campus! The drive isn't much shorter, but highway vs. two lane road under construction! My new principal ROCKS!!!! And the icing on the cake is that I got a raise!!! YEAH FOR ME!!!

Stupid Human Tricks

I saw this lady the other day with a 1975 hairstyle, wings and all. It got me thinking about hair styles and who in the world would cut that style in 2008.....I figure that the hairstylist's license should be revoked, my husband just thinks that if you have money, you can get your hair cut any which way you like.

But it got me wondering.....the guy that has the mullet....who the heck cuts his hair and could you do this with a straight face? You know how they always turn you away from the mirror and then turn you around? Well, "TA DA!" has a completely different meaning for this guy!!!

I'm at the bank making a deposit. My bank is working on going paperless (good for me b/c I HATE filling out deposit slips. I'm a reading teacher, not math and I hate trying to find the calculator on my phone!) So I've signed all the checks, put my account number on them and listed either "checking" or "savings" on the back. The teller asks me over the intercom, "Would you like to make two separate deposits? One in checking and one in savings?" Duh, isn't that why I wrote that on the back????

I'm on the phone is a friend (who will remain nameless) and I'm telling her about some swimming stuff and then the conversation floats onto the next topic and I tell her that we go to gymnastics on Monday evenings. "You have Rileigh in gymnastics class?" "No Friend, I'm in gymnastics, I'm trying to make it to the summer Olympics!" Duh!!!

Now one for me (I'm not exempt either!)....It actually rained at my house this week! Yeah for us!!! And we have a new porch "cover" it is a pergola, one of those that isn't completely covered, but close. I'm outside looking at the effects of the rain and I notice that two of my potted plants that sit on my patio table are full of water and I'm thinking, "Wow, it rained so hard that the wind was blowing the rain sideways and filled the pots!" Duh! The "roof" isn't solid and the rain just fell straight down!!! Oh well....we all have our glorious moments! have a good one!!!!